06Neuropsychiatric Line Development
Cardiovascular Line Development
No-steroids Anti-inflammatory Line Development
Strategic Joint-ventures: Elisium and Farmanet S.A. Laboratories

We started to produce the neuropsychiatric line, focusing on the struggle against cognitive disorders in old age and senile dementia such as Alzheimer, and on the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders.

CASASCO CARDIOVASCULAR line, one of the basic pillars of the company, is initiated at the launching of antihypertensive drugs in 1993, and continues with the addition of a great number of cutting-edge molecules for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.
A wide range of anti-inflammatories was developed during this time and it is kept up to date with the latest releases.

Strategic Joint-ventures: In the early 1990s, CASASCO LABORATORIES in association with GADOR Laboratories S.A. gives rise to ELISIUM Laboratories, an Argentinean company devoted to the development and marketing of OTC products and new products under medical prescription.Around the middle of the same decade – in association with Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim, Gador and Novartis- LABORATORIOS CASASCO organized FARMANET S.A. for the joint commercialization and distribution of all its products, as a strategic answer to the demanding scenarios of the third millennium.